Custom Field Triggers for Checkout Form

Most of the common attributes or variations can be set at the product level, but there are some things that are not native to WooCommerce i.e. uploading a school logo. So the additional fields are to help keep the orders straight in a contactless order, just check your email, fill the order w/o having to contact customer’s on standard custom orders.

I set the “custom fields” based on categories and tags to make it easier for you (should be no extra work once you choose the category and/or tag at the product level)

Design Library & Upload file links show appear globally at checkout for ALL products (optional):


  • Enter baby or toddler’s name
    is associated w/ the New Arrivals product

    I created 2 packages based on the contents from the images you sent

    Package #1:  Pants,T-shirt,Beanie,Blanket
    Package #2:  Pants,T-shirt,Shoes,Blanket

  • Custom School themed items: Must choose “Custom Team Spirit” tag on the product editing page
    When you create new products that will need team/school/organization name/custom text, and/or colors
  • Products w/the “Custom Team Spirit” tag will be listed under the Custom Team Spirit category
    (can create a hidden section accessible only to specific folks if needed)
    This field will be visible for ALL products in the Custom Apparel and Kid’s Apparel categories
  • Text on sleeve: Categories
    Crew-Neck SweatshirtsSweatsuitsHooded Sweatshirts,T-Shirts product tags
  • Custom text: Categories
    Christmas Ornaments

See the image below to edit Product Categories and Product Tags (don’t forget to Update/Save the product)

Additional fields appear at the bottom of the checkout page